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My journey with natural hoof care started in 2005 with Linda Cowles, along with a handful of friends and a handful of sore footed horses. 
I come from a world where the mindset is:  shoes, x-rays, corrective shoeing, then the diagnosis… “just a bad footed horse” or “Navicular Syndrome”.  I was lucky enough to have friends that guided with patience and I too have the mindset to seek beyond what had not been working for many years. 

I have learned to have healthy feet on a horse, you must address diet, exercise, living conditions.  It personally has been an emotional roller coaster ride for me, as my oldest two horses, who, have had a lifelong issue w/shoeing are my hardest.  But they are the ones that keep me humble and striving for more knowledge.

I believe in protection for the hoof when needed, it is what you use for that protection that matters.  I am a proponent for boots, casting, and the Epona Shoe.

My horses now live a life of bare.  They have turnout, they walk on pea-gravel, road base, sand and clay.  Their diet consists of minerals, a pro-biotic and grass/alfalfa hay.   I slow feed when one has to be penned up.  They do not get that sought after pasture they long for over the fence.  I have conceded that the sugar in the grass is no better for them then sugar is for us humans.  It is a life style change.